Supporting Children and Young People in Need
The Riccarton Youth Foundation was formed in 1978, and its main instigator was Rotarian Brian Moore, plus members of the Riccarton Rotary Club. The Foundation formed the Riccarton Youth Trust in 1989. The management of investments is carried out by the Guardian Trust. The purpose of the Trust is to promote, and assist in the promotion of the education, training, advancement, benefit and life of young persons in New Zealand. The Trustees are appointed by the current President of the Rotary Club of Riccarton. The Trust allocates the disbursements of its income through a committee called the Riccarton Youth Trust Grants Committee. The Riccarton Youth Trust may be contacted by filling in the Contact Us form on this web site, or by post at PO Box 8088, Riccarton, Christchurch.

Of course we apply some restrictions to the type of grants we issue. Generally the Riccarton Youth Trust does not provide grants:

To pay wages, salaries or gratuities
To finance buildings, their reconditioning or extensions, etc.
To buy equipment, except where this may be vested with a recognised organising body which can supervise the conditions of use and maintenance
To be spent overseas or for overseas travel
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Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust

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